Katie Girardi

MAster Pilates Trainer

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Katie Girardi

Owner of Core Pilates on beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC is thrilled to be a faculty member with Pure Body Teacher Training! Katie has been teaching Pilates since 2006 after first starting Pilates as a client who needed to build strength and balance in her muscles for her ballet career and after discovering all the benefits of Pilates both mentally and physically, she knew it would ultimately become her passion. Katie is a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher with a secret sauce for using the Pilates system to help clients restore their bodies therapeutically in order to feel strong and confident in every day movements. She has maintained a student's heart by keeping up with continuing education with all of the industries' top professionals. In 2018, Katie had the honor to host the very first Pilates Unfiltered LIVE event in the studio which reminded her how very connected we all are in the pilates world as well as how important laughter is while practicing pilates. Giggling while doing pilates is a must!

Upcoming Workshops

Pure Body Pilates Certification Course
Register Here: https://www.purebodyteachertraining.com/hiltonheadregistration

Course Dates:
September 21-22 - Foundations
October 25-27 - Mat I

January 24 - 26 - Mat II
February 21 - 23 - Ref I
March 20 - 22 - App I
April 24 - 26 - Ref II
June 19 - 21 - App II
July 24 - 26 - App III
September 25 - 27 - Ref III

November 2020

A Voice in the Pilates World

Katie was featured in the first Pilates Unfiltered Live! Podcast with Pilates expert Jenna Zaffino. Hear the episode at your favorite podcast links:

A Premier Studio

Katie started Core Pilates, Hilton Head’s premier fitness studio in 2009 and has welcomed students of all levels with open arms. Over a decade later, Core continues to value quality over quantity, gracefully crafted movements, and a healthy balance between strength and flexibility. An energizing and inviting atmosphere provides the ultimate Mind-Body-Fitness experience.  We invite you to join our Core family for an equipment class, mat class or one-on-one instruction with any of our dedicated instructors here!

An experience like nothing else